How it Works

Three Easy Steps

Step 1
Scan at Treatment Completion
Scan your patients at the end of treatment. iTero users can chose Retainer Club as a lab. For other 3D scanners, we have a simple system for getting 3D scans into our system.
Package hanging from a parachute
Step 2
Patient Sign Up
Register your patients for the FREE Plan Trial. They will get their first retainer in 7 business days or less. In 6 months, they will begin a regular paid Subscription of their choice with the option to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel.
An aligner
Step 3
No More Retainer Appointments!
Retainer Club Partners focus on treatment - not unnecessary retainer appointments. Your patients can manage their regular replacements online saving you significant time in your schedule. We ship fresh new retainers to their homes.
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Give Your Patients Straight Teeth for Life®!

No more angry former patients who blame YOU when their teeth have shifted because THEY stopped wearing their retainers!

Bacteria and Viruses Collect on Retainers Over Time.

Your patients should be replacing their retainers as often as they replace their toothbrushes. Their toothbrush is only in their mouths for a few minutes a day, but their retainers works much harder, often spending 7 or more hours in their mouth collecting bacteria and viruses.

Your patients can choose any plan

Give Your Patients Straight Teeth for Life™

  1. Silver
    A great place to start
    1 Fresh set of Retainers
    per year
    $99/set of retainers
    Regularly $150
  2. Gold
    Most popular
    1 Fresh set of Retainers
    every 6 months
    $89.50/set of retainers
    Regularly $300
  3. Platinum Plus
    1 Fresh set of Retainers
    every 3 months
    $74.75/set of retainers
    Regularly $600

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