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Does Retainer Club Perform Orthodontic Treatment?

No, all treatment must be done by the orthodontist or dentist.  Retainer Club is a post-treatment service designed to simply retain your patient's  teeth in their final position.  We do not straighten or otherwise move your patient's teeth and any request to do so or otherwise provide treatment is always redirected back to our partner office.  We view our job as taking the baton from you so that when you finish straightening your patient's teeth, we help you keep them straight for the rest of their life.

Can I use Retainer Club for Phase 1 patients?

No.  Retainer Club is only for patients with full permanent dentition.

How long does it take for retainers to arrive at our office/ the patients home?

Once we receive the completed order from the patient, and the 3D scan from your office, we turn retainers around in 2 business days.  We use USPS First Class for our standard shipping which gets around the continental US by day 7.  Expedited shipping is an option for an additional fee.

Retainer Technical Details

What Material are Retainer Club Retainers Made Of?

Retainer Club uses the highest quality materials.  Our standard material is .035 thickness

Do you block out for lingual retainers?

Yes.  We automatically add blockout around upper and/ or lower permanent retainers.  We also block out areas of deep interproximal undercuts to allow for a better fit.  Use the lab information section of your referral to request virtual blockout of other areas.

Can you virtually remove braces? How much does it cost?

We are happy to virtually remove braces or aligner attachments at No Charge.  This is one of the many services we offer as a benefit of Partnership.

Does Retainer Club make Hawley retainers?

No.  We only make clear 'Essix style' retainers for permanent dentition patients


What if I Don't Have a Scan for a Patient?

If you don't have a scan for a patient that came before you began 3D scanning at de-bond, you just need to schedule them for a 3D scan in your office.  If your former patient's teeth have moved position this is an excellent opportunity for you to explain that Retainer Club will only hold their teeth in their current position but that if they are interested in seeing movement then that is a service you can provide.  In our experience, a Retainer Club partnership will convert some of your former patients into orthodonti re-treatment at your office.  

Getting Started

Do I need a 3-D Scanner to be a Retainer Club Partner?

Yes, in order to be a Retainer Club Partner you must have a 3-D scanner.  The good news is that Retainer Club is scanner agnostic so we can work with pretty much any 3-D scanner.  The simplest set up is with an iTero (simply click on "Scan" in the navigation above for setup instructions). 

How do I send scans to Retainer Club?

We accept 3D scans from all major scanner manufactuers.  We are a registered lab for iTero and you can submit iRecord scans by following instructions HERE to add Retainer Club to your iTero machines.

We are also a registered lab on EasyRx - if you use this software you can send us your scans through their portal.

We can also accept .stl files through Dropbox or email them to

Our team is happy to assist.

Does Retainer Club use EasyRx?

Yes.  We are a registered lab on the EasyRx portal


Does a patient need a credit card to get the free retainers?

Yes - a patient needs either a credit card or debit card to be a member of Retainer Club.  They also need an email address - please don't use your office email for a patient.

Does a patient need an email to get the free retainers?

Yes - as an online membership program, patients need an email to login to their unique accounts.  

When will patients be charged after their Free Trial?

When you give a patient a Free Trial - a free membership to Retainer Club including their end of treatment retainers - they chose whether they want to renew at the Silver, Gold, or Platinum level.  Each of these annual paid plans begin 6 months after the Free Trial starts.

Can there be multiple family members on one account?

Yes.  One family email can be the login for multiple family members.  And, each member can have their own plan (silver, gold, platinum) and their own anniversary.