Become a Retainer Club Partner in Just 3 Simple Steps

The Retainer Club Process

Step 1
Scan at Treatment Completion
Scan your patients at the end of treatment. iTero users can chose Retainer Club as a lab. We have a simple system for getting 3D scans from all other scanners, too.
Step 2
Patient Sign Up
Using your Partner Dashboard, you provide the Free Trial Plan for your patients. Let your patient's know that, "In order to maintain Straight Teeth for Life, we recommend nightly retainer wear. That’s why we have partnered with Retainer Club." In 6 months, they will begin the paid plan of their choice with the option to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel
set of retainers
Step 3
Fresh Retainers Delivered in 7 Days
We take up to 2 days to create the retainers once we receive the scan and the completed patient registration. Retainers arrive within business 7 days. You can take advantage of our 'prescan' with virtual braces/ attachment removal plus virtual bonded retainer blockout OR scan on the day of removal. Your choice.

Straight Teeth for Life®

As you know, after orthodontic treatment, your patients' teeth are going to want to move back to their old crooked selves! The only way to prevent that is wearing a retainer regularly, for as long as they want to maintain their orthodontic results. Before Retainer Club, replacement was expensive, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. Now, Retainer Club gives your patients and your practice a simple and affordable way to have Straight Teeth for Life!

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The Retainer Club Process