At Retainer Club, we do not provide orthodontic treatment.  If you are unhappy with your smile and interested in having your teeth straightened you should see an orthodontist or dentist.  At Retainer Club, we are focused exclusively on maintaining your perfect smile AFTER you have already completed orthodontic treatment.  

Retainer Club only retains your teeth in their current position.  We do not straighten or otherwise move your teeth, that's the job of your orthodontist or dentist.  We view our job as taking the baton from your orthodontist so that when they finish straightening your teeth, we regularly ship you fresh new retainers to wear when you sleep at night in order to maintain straight teeth for life!  

In order to get started with Retainer Club, we need you to have obtain a 3-D scan of your teeth from one of our partner offices.  The 3-D scan is only for the purpose of receiving a retainer from Retainer Club, Inc. or a mouthguard from Mouthguard Club, Inc.  The orthodontist or dentist office (the "Practice") that you you obtain your scan from does not make you a patient of record or constitute orthodontic and/or dental patient services from that Practice.  If you are interested in becoming a patient of record or otherwise interested in seeking orthodontic or dental treatment from that Practice it is incumbent upon you to make such a request of that  Practice and conform with their onboarding procedures.