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Dental Outsourcing Services for Dentists with J.W. Oliver of Support DDS

The In Your Face Podcast

J.W. Oliver is the Managing Partner of Support DDS, a dental outsourcing company that helps dentists find the best employees for their dental practice. The company creates career opportunities for the people of Zimbabwe, Africa by outsourcing their talents to the rest of the world.

J.W. who has spent 33 years in the dental field, is also the President of Wade AMG LLC, and the Founder of Haiti Vision 3.

In this episode...

Many dental practices are faced with challenges when it comes to hiring the right team members for daily office tasks, especially when they are just starting out. In many cases, the people in the United States who are qualified and available have to be paid a high salary which a startup may not be able to afford. 

To solve this common problem, J.W. Oliver helped co-found a business solution with the help of the thousands of highly-educated and qualified yet unemployed men and women from Zimbabwe. His Christian values propelled him to set up an outsourcing company that not only helped businesses in the US, but created employment opportunities in Zimbabwe as well.

In this episode of In Your Face podcast, Blair Feldman interviews J.W. Oliver of Support DDS about how the company started, the services they offer, how they compensate and work with their team members in Zimbabwe, and how his Christian beliefs helped him create a business that has the capacity to touch and change lives. Stay tuned.