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How to Build an Honest and Loyal Team with Craig Weiss

The In Your Face Podcast

Craig Weiss is the Co-Founder and CEO of Retainer Club and Mouthguard Club, subscription healthcare businesses that manufacture 3-D printed custom retainers, mouth guards, and night guards. He is also the Founder and CEO of Aladdin Dreamer, a company that helps users improve their sleep health with its cutting-edge lucid dream simulation software and hardware.

Craig is the former President and CEO of NJOY Inc., where he helped generate over $150 million in revenue, raised $200 million in equity financing, and increased the company's valuation from $10 million to over a billion dollars in 2014. He is also the Co-Author of the book I Am My Brother's Keeper with his brother Jeffrey Weiss. Craig holds a degree in Law from Arizona State University and a degree in Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania.

In this episode…

To grow any type of practice or business, an entrepreneur must take the time to find the right people to hire. Hiring should never be just about filling a vacant post: it should be about finding people who are qualified, honest, loyal, and ethical. 

Craig Weiss strongly believes in hiring people who are smarter than him. He also believes that honesty is more important than loyalty when dealing with employees, and given a choice between the two, would rather hire someone who tells him the truth. 

On this episode of the In Your Face Podcast, Craig Weiss shares an interview he did on The Performance Enhancer Podcast where he talked to Dr. Ruchir Sehra about his strategies for building an honest and loyal team. Craig also shares the history of the Retainer Club with Dr. Sehra, why he co-authored the book I Am My Brother's Keeper, and explains why he believes Aladdin Dreamer has a great future.