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How to Identify & Investigative Dentistry Embezzlement with David Harris, CEO of Prosperident

The In Your Face Podcast

David Harris is the CEO of Prosperident, the world's largest firm investigating financial crimes committed against dentists. He is a forensic accountant, a licensed private investigator, and a CPA. He is the author of the book Dental Embezzlement: The Art of Theft and the Science of Control and over 30 articles in dental publications. 

In addition to being a prolific author, David is a frequent presenter at regional, national, and international dental conferences, and his vast wealth of experience coupled with his keen sense of humor make him both an engaging and entertaining speaker. David was a rule breaker in his youth and changed his direction and spent much of his adult life in the world of investigation and enforcement, where he now uses his unrivaled ability to understand the criminal thought process to help educate and protect dentists.

In this episode…

Dentists and orthodontists hire people to help them in running their dental practices so that they can concentrate on providing dental care services to their patients without having to worry about office administration duties. However, some employees often take advantage of their employers and embezzle the office’s money or assets. The dentists may or may not realize this until it's too late, and when they do, they often don’t know what actions to take. 

In this episode, Craig Weiss and Dr. Blair Feldman is joined by David Harris, a dentistry embezzlement expert, to talk about common types of embezzlement issues he often encounters in dental and orthodontic' practices, how his approach to the cases have evolved over the years, the kind of recommendations and advice he gives to his clients on how to fix the problem, and find out his best tips on how to avoid embezzlement problems. Stay tuned.