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Providing C-Suite Dental Practice Management Services with Vin Cardillo, Founder of Maeva Dental Advisors

The In Your Face Podcast

Vin Cardillo is a proven industry leader with 20 years of experience in leadership partner roles growing Dental Service Organizations (DSOs). He was ranked number 14 on the 2014 Inc 500 List of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the United States, with a growth of almost 13,000%. 

Vin is the Founder of Maeva Dental Advisors, which provides outsourced c-suite services to dental groups and single offices that have the intention of growing. Maeva positions its clients for long term growth by strengthening their operational systems and infrastructure. Vin also provides his expertise and operations, strategy and financing to private equity firms and other financial institutions looking to make an investment in a DSO. 

Vin earned a BA from SUNY Potsdam, an MBA from Clarkson University, and an Executive degree in Managed Care from the University of Connecticut. He has also served as the President of the Dental Group Management Association (DGMA).

In this episode…

In dental school, dentists and orthodontists are taught how to give beautiful smiles to their patients. However they weren’t taught how to manage things like payroll, admin, marketing, dealing with insurance, or finding the best team for their practices. These important aspects of a successful dental practice if left unchecked can make things a lot more difficult than is necessary for professionals.

Vin Cardillo of Maeva Dental Advisors realized that many dental and orthodontic practices needed help in these areas of their practice so he set out to establish a dental advisory firm to come to their aid. He now helps them to not only manage their practices but to also to turn them into saleable assets.

Join Craig Weiss and Dr. Blair Feldman in this episode of In Your Face Podcast as they talk to Vin Cardillo about his dental advisory firm, the c-suite services he provides, how teledentistry and technology can reshape the future of dentistry, and how to best manage a fractional employee. Stay tuned.