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Year in Review with Dr. Blair Feldman, Co-founder and President of Retainer Club

The In Your Face Podcast

Dr. Blair Feldman is the Co-founder and President of Retainer Club. He is an orthodontics specialist who has been practicing for more than 20 years. He is a former Adjunct Professor of Orthodontics at AT Still University.

Dr. Feldman completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan and went on to receive his DMD at the University of Pennsylvania. He partnered with his friend and former CEO of a company that he helped scale up to over a billion-dollar valuation, Craig Weiss, to set up Retainer Club. Together at Retainer Club, they help other orthodontists grow their practices.

In this episode…

Over the last year, many orthodontists and dental practitioners experienced a lot of changes in the way they run their practices. This includes coming up with better ways of providing a personal touch for their patients, scaling or expanding their practices, as well as handling outsourced services.

Over the same period, Dr. Blair Feldman and his business partner, Craig Weiss, have featured many great guests on the In Your Face Podcast. The topics they covered ranged from building billion-dollar businesses to cleaning aligners and advocating for mental health in the dental profession. 

In this episode of the In Your Face Podcast, host Dr. Blair Feldman is joined by Dr. Jeremy Weisz, Co-founder of Rise25 Media, to talk about some of the great guests featured on this podcast over the last year. They discuss the key lessons learned from each expert, some of the most common mistakes orthodontists make with their office systems, and artificial intelligence (AI) in dentistry. Stay tuned.