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Growing a Company to a Billion Dollar Valuation in 3 years, Testifying in Senate, Raising $200 Million, and Getting Interviewed by The Wall Street Journal

Craig Weiss is the co-host of the In Your Face Podcast. Together with his co-host and business partner, Dr. Blair Feldman, they were able to help orthodontists build their own practice and scale up consumer business to over a $1-billion valuation.

Craig is a serial entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded half a dozen companies. Today he is the Co-Founder and CEO of Retainer Club and The Mouthguard Club which are subscription healthcare businesses that manufacture 3-D printed custom retainers, mouth guards, and night guards.

Here is a glimpse of what you'll learn:

  • What service Retainer Club can provide for their clients
  • The unorthodox entrepreneurial journey of Craig
  • What Craig gained from the book, Thinking Fast and Slow, that he applied in his life
  • How Craig started a hedge fund and why it’s important to maintain control over your own company
  • The things Craig learned from his friend-turned-mentor, Ellie
  • How Craig defeated FDA in the federal court and helped create a whole new category for the electronic nicotine delivery field
  • The opportunity that Craig saw in the public healthcare system
  • How Craig met his partner, Dr. Blair Feldman, and how the idea for the Retainer Club came about
  • Where people can learn more about The Retainer Club and the Mouthguard Club

In this episode…

Craig Weiss has been on both ends of the entrepreneurial spectrum: on one end, being down in the dumps and seeing their family business on the brink of collapse, and on the other, being able to bring his business to a billion-dollar valuation.

Craig’s entrepreneurial journey is both unorthodox and incredibly challenging and while the path wasn’t so easy, it has led him to become the Co-Founder and CEO of The Retainer Club and The Mouthguard Club. And for him, all the things that happened to him from his childhood, from being a Philosophy major, to being a lawyer and an entrepreneur all helped him in becoming the successful man that he is today.

In this episode, Craig shares his story of failures and triumphs as he gets interviewed by Dr. Jeremy Weisz of Rise25. Tune in to learn more about what it was like for him to take over and have control over his family business, how he was able to take on the FDA in the electronic nicotine delivery field, and what his company can do for you and your orthodontic practice.

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The Retainer Club is the easiest way for orthodontists to provide their patients with perfectly fitting retainers at a great price, while also sending you a steady stream of new patients in your office who are actively interested in getting treatment. Over 1000 patients already love Retainer Club and use it's easy to use online services to regularly order and replace the retainers without the need to bother their offices. 
Orthodontists love Retainer Club because they feel confident that the smiles they created are being maintained for life and that their long term fans continue to refer new patients to their offices. To learn more about becoming a Retainer Club partner and to bring in more patients go to

The In Your Face Podcast

Personalizing Retainers with Thermoformable Plastic Sheets with Matt Fischer and Dr. Eric Sacks of Dentagrafix

Matt Fischer is the CEO of Dentagrafix, and Dr. Eric Sacks is the Founder and President. The company sells FDA-compliant, BPA-free decorated plastic sheets for thermoforming that are used to fabricate unique, personalized, clear retainers, aligners, mouth guards, and other dental appliances. 

Matt Fischer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Indiana University Bloomington & an MBA from Babson College - Franklin W. Olin Graduate School of Business. Matt has a successful career working with companies like DV Trading, BlackRock, CLSA, Deutsche Bank, Prudential Equity Group, Independent Research Group LLC, and Merrill Lynch.

Dr. Eric Sacks received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Tulane University, and earned his Doctorate of Medical Dentistry at Rutgers University School of Dental Medicine, with honors (OKU). He also attended Montefiore Medical Center’s Graduate Orthodontic Program where he attained his Post Doctoral Certificate in Orthodontics and served as the hospital’s chief orthodontic resident. He is a Board-Certified Orthodontist and is the owner of Sacks Orthodontics, a private practice in Livingston, NJ.

In this episode…

Retainers don’t come cheap, so when your kid needs to wear a retainer, your number one concern is, will they wear it even when you’re not looking? Matt Fischer and Dr. Eric Sacks of Dentagrafix have found a way to make retainers more affordable while at the same time, making it more appealing to kids and teenagers so that they would be more inclined to wear it. Not only that, they say that their retainers are guaranteed to last long and are 1000% BPA-free and FDA-compliant.

In this week’s episode of the In Your Face Podcast, co-hosts Craig Weiss and Dr. Blair Feldman are joined by Matt Fischer and Dr. Eric Sacks where they talk about using thermoformable plastic sheets to make colored retainers, the process they went through in creating this product, and what sets it apart from other retainers in the market. Stay tuned.

The In Your Face Podcast

How the Right Electric Toothbrush Can Revitalize Your Practice with Ben Goldberg of Goby

Ben Goldberg is the Co-founder & CEO of Goby. He founded the company after he was frustrated by today's oral care offerings. Like many people, Ben's visits to the dentist were far from enjoyable and he, at one time, begrudgingly bought an overpriced electric toothbrush while searching for an upgrade. It was from his frustration at the quality of available oral care offerings that Goby was born in 2016.

Prior to starting Goby, Ben worked at Crescent Capital Group and HSBC Securities. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Finance and Economics from Arizona State University.

In this episode…

It’s totally normal to get anxious when you’re about to get oral treatments done. But it’s absolutely frustrating when the oral care products that are recommended for you are subpar. This is what happened to Ben Goldberg and this is what inspired him to start his own electric toothbrush company, Goby.

Ben Goldberg started Goby in a bid to make oral hygiene more enjoyable and definitely more effective. The best part? It doesn’t just make patients happy, it makes orthodontic and dental practices happy as well.

In today’s episode, Craig and Blair talk to Ben how he came to be in the electric toothbrush business even when his Bachelor’s Degree couldn’t be further off. They also talk about what sets his products apart, how the products help practices improve their business and their client retention, how their toothbrushes can inspire patients to have a more enjoyable oral hygiene routine. Stay tuned.

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EasyRx - Making Managing Orthodontic Lab Work Centralized and Easy - Todd Blankenbecler CEO

Todd Blankenbecler has spent the last 30 years in dental specialty software doing multiple roles including sales management, product and project management, and tech support. He managed the sales team and software development for Dolphin Management, Dolphin Mobile, My Orthodontist, and AnywhereDolphin.

Dolphin was acquired by Patterson Companies Inc. in 2008, and Todd and his partner, Dr. Marc Lemchen, acquired EasyRx from ODL Lab in 2016. Todd subsequently left Dolphin and Patterson om February 2017 to run EasyRx full time.

In this episode…

Have you ever wondered if there was any software that can make your job as an orthodontist or dentist easier? Have you ever wondered if you can just have one go-to system where you can maintain all your client information and prescriptions? Is there any way for you to be able to manage your practice in a manner that’s convenient and reliable for you and your patients? The easy answer is yes and it’s all because of EasyRx.

Todd Blankenbecler is the CEO of EasyRx, a unique and revolutionary cloud application that allows orthodontists, dentists, and labs the ability to digitally design, manage, and share their patient’s appliance prescriptions and supporting digital files. Their product provides an undeniable advantage for practitioners and patients alike, and the world is ready for their taking.

In this episode of The In Your Face podcast, Dr. Blair Feldman talks to Todd Blankenbecler about the benefits of having the EasyRx system in your clinic and practice. They also discuss the EasyRx aligner system, the accessibility and reliability of the entire EasyRx app, and the possibility of moving into the robotics space to make the orthodontic and dental experience even better. Stay tuned.

Find out more by contacting Todd  -

The In Your Face Podcast

Deployment of Mouthguard Kiosks with Blair Feldman of The Retainer Club

In this episode…

Mouthguards help athletes in minimizing the risk of broken teeth and injuries to the lips, tongue, face or jaw. Having mouthguard kiosks conveniently located in orthodontist & dentists' offices is beneficial to both athletes and orthodontists.

Many of the patients that go to these offices for the mouthguards end up becoming patients. These kiosks are therefore not only economical but also help to bring in new patients and therefore driving sales. Patients get to see their teeth in 3D and once the mouthguards are ready they get shipped to the patients. 

Blair Feldman, co-host & co-founder of the Retainer Club, has the tables turned on him in this episode as he is interviewed by Dr. Jeremy Weisz about mouthguard kiosks. They talk about the structure of the kiosks, how they should be operated, and the benefits of having them in an orthodontist or dentist’s office.

Blair Feldman, co-host & co-founder of the Retainer Club, has the tables turned on him in this episode as he is interviewed by Dr. Jeremy Weisz about mouthguard kiosks. They talk about the structure of the kiosks, how they should be operated, and the benefits of having them in an orthodontist or dentist’s office.

The In Your Face Podcast

Social Media Marketing for Dentists with Adrian Lefler, Partner at My Social Practice

Adrian Leffler is the co-founder and CEO of My Social Practice, an award-winning team of designers, writers, marketers, and customer support experts all passionate about social media and laser-focused on just one thing; providing the most effective, easiest to use dental, social media marketing solution on the planet.

My Social Practice helps dentists grow their practices by generating leads and awareness for their work through social media. It is a content marketing company.

Check out My Social Practice online at:

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Case Study of a Texas Orthodontist Partner with Blair Feldman of The Retainer Club

Dr. Blair Feldman, DMD is an orthodontics specialist who has been practicing for more than 20 years. He is a former Adjunct Professor of Orthodontics at AT Still University in Mesa, AZ, and is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, the American Dental Association, and the Arizona Dental Association. 

Dr. Feldman completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan and went on to receive his DMD at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Feldman partnered with his friend Craig Weiss, a former CEO of a company that he helped scale up to over a billion-dollar valuation, to set up the Retainer Club, where they help other orthodontists grow their practices.

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Managing an Orthodontic Practice With Dr. Donna Galante of The Galante Group

Dr. Donna Galante is an orthodontist, speaker, and best selling author with books such as 'The Power Principles for Success' with Brian Tracy, 'It's All About Millimeters', and 'The Truth About Invisalign'. She is a seminar leader, marketing consultant and personal coach to other professionals and provides a monthly coaching program through the Galante Group. 

Dr. Galante has had a multifaceted career in orthodontics since beginning her career as a dentist and then orthodontics specialist and diplomat of the American Board. She now owns and manages three orthodontic practices in Northern California with her husband, fellow orthodontist, Paul Cater. 

Donna was also on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, the Department of Orthodontics from 1986 to 1993. She is a mother of two who enjoys traveling, reading, cooking and CrossFit.

Dr Galante is hosting an in office course Feb 21-21 in Roseville, CA and in New York City in October.  To learn more go to: