The Benefits of Being a Retainer Club Partner

Free End of Treatment Retainers

Retainer Club provides our partner offices with free end of treatment retainers for every patient that signs up for our Gold Retainer Club Subscription Plan.  At end of treatment simply tell all of your patients "Congratulations on completing treatment, your teeth look great! In order to maintain that perfect smile, we recommend long term retainer wear. That’s why we have partnered with Retainer Club.  Retainer Club provides perfectly fitting retainers based on the scan we are doing today. Sign up today for no charge and you will get the benefits of regularly replacing your retainers using an online portal with free delivery to your home.

For a practice that does 300 cases a year, we estimate $15,000 in savings for your practice by having Retainer Club manufacture and ship all of your end of treatment retainers.  

What we aren't and what we are

At Retainer Club, we do not provide orthodontic treatment. We are focused exclusively on maintaining your patients' perfect smile AFTER their orthodontic treatment. You straighten your patient's teeth and we make sure they keep straight teeth for life! We have a robust advertising program that geo-targets the zip codes of our partner offices to drive people to your offices who need new retainers (some of whom will also need new treatment!).

Patient Portal

Perhaps the biggest benefit Retainer Club provides our partner offices with is time. Our patient portal gives your patients the ability to manage their own replacement retainer schedule. No more chair time, staff time and missed appointments for retainers, which are not providing real value to your practice. Instead, once a patient of yours has signed up for Retainer Club, if they happen to call your office to tell you they lost or broke their retainer, simply direct them to the website where they can login to their account and order a new retainer.

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Share your smile with #straightteethforlife   
Share your smile with #straightteethforlife   
Share your smile with #straightteethforlife   
Share your smile with #straightteethforlife   
Share your smile with #straightteethforlife   

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